Dr Mike Anderson has some quick tips to keeping your clear aligners clean. With clear aligners it is much easier to keep your teeth clean than if you were to have braces, however you are going to find that you’ll get a little bit of food and plaque stuck to your clear aligners.

After giving your hands a good clean, carefully take your aligners out, then with a toothbrush just brush the inside of the aligner. This only takes a few seconds to do. You can also put a bit of toothpaste or (if using a spare toothbrush) a bit of hand soap/detergent on your toothbrush to brush the aligners with.

After you have done that rinse off your aligners and pop them back in, you can then go around and clean the outside of your aligner with toothpaste while they are in your mouth as this makes it a bit easier to clean. Doing this once a day this will ensure your aligners stay clean.