Braces - traditional treatment meets modern technology

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the braces we provide today are far more advanced than the solutions of the past. Say ‘hello’ to smaller brackets, more discreet colours and more efficient treatment programs than ever before. At Allstar Orthodontics, we are proud to offer a variety of braces options for you.


Clear braces

Experience all the benefits of metal braces in a clear package! Clear braces are less noticeable during treatment because the ceramic material of the brackets is very close to the colour of your teeth. These clear ceramic brackets are stain-resistant, and should maintain their discretion throughout treatment.


A colourful smile with our different elastics

Let your personality shine through your smile. While your metal brackets might be all one shade, the elastics used in braces treatment come in a variety of fun colours that you can use to show off your style. You can switch the colour of your elastics during your adjustment appointments and, if you can’t decide on one colour, you can even choose two!


Traditional metal braces

Metal braces are probably what pops into your mind when you think of orthodontic treatment. Using metal brackets, archwires and elastics, this tried-and-true system will help to slowly move your teeth into the desired position. Advances in technology have made metal braces more comfortable, discreet and efficient than the braces of the past - with the same proven results.


Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces are a modern alternative that does away with the need for elastics. Instead, our special 3M self-ligating brackets hook directly over the archwire and can adjust themselves. This means less friction, more comfort, faster treatment and fewer appointments.


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