Invisalign involves using a series of clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth. The course of treatment involves changing the custom molded aligners approximately every two weeks, moving teeth into a straighter position step by step. These clear aligners can be removed while eating, and brushing teeth as usual.

New Invisalign developments

SmartTrack is a more flexible material now used for the aligners. The aligners are now more comfortable and easier to insert and remove. The new material also results in improved control of tooth movements. The improved elasticity delivers a more gentle  constant force to improve control of tooth movements.

Braces vs Invisalign

Invisalign can’t be used to treat all types of orthodontic problems. Some bite problems are best corrected by braces. A potential problem with Invisalign can be compliance. As the aligners are removable, putting them back in after eating is very important. The aligners need to be worn all the time other than when eating.

Top 5 Invisalign tips

  1. Change aligners every 2 weeks only if you are wearing them full time
  2. After eating put your aligners back in straight away
  3. You only need to brush twice a day, not after every meal
  4. Keep all your aligners even when you have finished wearing them
  5. Enjoy your treatment it is the best way to have a great smile

Cost of Invisalign

No two orthodontic problems are the same and the cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of the problem and the treatment required. Costs are generally discussed in full at the initial consultation. The fee quoted covers all aspects of the orthodontic treatment and the majority of patients pay this fee in instalments over the duration of the treatment thus making payment more manageable. An initial deposit is paid when the appliances are constructed or fitted, and the balance is paid in monthly instalments for the duration of the treatment. Health insurance will cover a part of the cost of treatment. There is also a rebate from Medicare which can be claimed as part of your health expenses occurred in a financial year.

Invisalign providers

Cost shouldn’t be the sole determinant in making a decision about Invisalign. Just as you wouldn’t choose a medical specialist only because he is the cheapest, you wouldn’t choose an orthodontist soley based on this criteria. Have a consultation with an orthodontist (usually for minimal cost) and see how comfortable you are with that person. You should have confidence with the orthodontist providing your Invisalign treatment. No amount of money saved can make up for treatment that is not successful.