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Imagine having a brand new smile in six months from now. Well, at Allstar Orthodontics that’s exactly what we can do with our fast braces treatment options.

What are fast braces?

Not every patient requires major orthodontic work. Some just need a slight adjustment, such as correcting a crooked front tooth, to improve their smile. For these patients, fast braces could be the answer.

There are several different types of fast braces treatment available:

  • Invisalign Lite: Using the same treatment method as the full Invisalign option, Invisalign Lite can straighten the front six upper and lower teeth in as little as six months.
  • Invisalign Express: Another member of the Invisalign treatment family, Invisalign Express is also a quick treatment option for problems associated with the front six upper and lower teeth. Invisalign Express can get results in three months. 
  • Fast braces: Providing your orthodontic problem is minor and can be fixed quickly, you may only have to wear braces for up to 10 months, rather than the usual 12-24.
  • Acceledent: Treatment time of all of these fast braces, as well as regular orthodontic appliances, can be reduced with the use of Acceledent, a hands free device which uses gentle vibrations 20mins a day to speed up the movement of your teeth.

Who are fast braces suitable for?

Quick treatment options are only suitable for patients who require minor orthodontic treatment affecting the front six upper and lower teeth. Examples include:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Spacing
  • Teeth which have previously undergone orthodontic treatment but have moved due to age or insufficient retainer wear.
  • Brides-to-be who would like a slight improvement to their smile before their big day
  • Patients in client-facing roles who would like to avoid feeling self-conscious when smiling. 

To find out whether you could benefit from fast braces treatment, book a free consultation with us today.


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Before orthodontic treatment

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Before orthodontic treatment

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