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At our three Brisbane practices in Albany Creek, Ashgrove and Fortitude Valley, we offer the following treatments. Book a free consultation with us today to find out which treatment is right for you.



Invisalign gives you the smile you’ve always wanted without anyone knowing you’re having treatment.



We use clear or coloured braces to help straighten your teeth and get great results.

Early orthodontic treatment

Early treatment

It’s important that all children have an orthodontic assessment between the age of seven and nine.

Adolescent orthodontic treatment

Adolescent treatment

Wearing braces doesn’t have to affect a teenager’s lifestyle; in fact, braces can enhance it.

Adult orthodontic treatment

Adult treatment

Adult patients can receive a number of benefits from having orthodontic treatment.

Fast braces

Fast braces

Providing your orthodontic problem is minor and can be fixed quickly, you may only have to wear braces for up to 10 months, rather than the usual 12-24.

Dental Monitoring

Dental monitoring

Smartphones… we use them for work, leisure and play. We can chat on them, track our steps on them, record how much we eat with them and keep up with the latest Tweets from around the world.

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We provide free payment plans that allow the cost of treatment to be spread out over the duration of your orthodontic care.

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