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Joshua’s Orthodontic Journey in Bunya

We would like to share Joshua’s smile transformation journey. Joshua is our patient from Bunya, who was worried about his crowded teeth and bite. He also reported difficulties eating because of his anterior teeth, which was why his parents were also starting to get concerned.
We would like to share Joshua’s smile transformation journey. Joshua, our patient from Bunya, was concerned about his crowded teeth and misaligned bite. He also experienced difficulties eating due to issues with his front teeth, which raised concerns for both him and his parents.

After our initial assessment with Joshua, we decided to provide him with clear aligners and Class II elastics. This treatment plan was designed to address his bite concerns and correct the crowded appearance of his teeth.

Clear aligners work to treat overcrowded teeth by gradually pushing them into proper alignment, with each new set of aligners moving each tooth up to a quarter of a millimetre. As teeth shift, more space is created in the mouth, overcrowding is reduced, and the teeth are eventually moved to their correct positions.

What were the issues with his teeth?

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Anterior Bite Problem

What we did for his smile makeover?


The Result

After 12 months of Invisalign treatment with Class II elastics, completed in just eight appointments, Joshua finally achieved a stunning, confident smile! His parents no longer have to worry about his teeth affecting his ability to eat, as the treatment has resolved these issues. Joshua can now enjoy his food and feel confident with his smile!

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