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Braces can be a wonderful tool to provide you with straighter, healthier teeth. If braces treatment has been recommended for you, you will have a number of choices including clear, coloured and even invisible braces! You can find out more about our braces options on our treatment page.

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Here are our top tips for caring for them!

Keep your smile clean - Brushing and flossing are more important than ever when undergoing braces or Invisalign® treatment. Brackets can provide lots of little places for plaque to hide, so make sure to give your teeth a thorough brushing.

Brushing and flossing may take a little longer than usual, but with some practise you will quickly adjust to your new oral hygiene routine. We can provide you with tips and tools (such a floss threader) to make your flossing experience easier.

If you have clear aligners, you’ll be able to take them out to brush and floss - but it’s important to clean the aligners themselves and remember to re-insert them!

Choosing Braces

Be gentle with your braces - If you chew hard or sticky foods, or experience a trauma to the mouth, sometimes brackets can come loose from the teeth. Archwires have also been known to shift from chewing and other day-to-day activities. If either of these issues occurs, contact us so we can arrange an appointment to fix your appliance.

Use wax for comfort - If you experience any discomfort from your braces rubbing against your lips, cheeks or gums, you can apply some soft wax to your appliance to create a barrier. This is helpful not only for your comfort, but also for preventing ulcers.

Choosing Braces

We’re always here to help

We want to keep you smiling all the way through braces treatment. If you ever experience issues, or have questions during your treatment, let us know so we can make sure your treatment with us is an enjoyable one!

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Choosing Braces

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