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What Happens at Your Initial Orthodontic Consultation

Apr 18, 2024

Hi, I’m Dr Mike Anderson I’m an orthodontist at Allstar Orthodontics here in Fortitude Valley and Albany Creek in Brisbane.

Are you considering aligning your teeth, but don’t know what to expect at the initial consultation? Well, I want to take you through the process that we follow here at Allstar Orthodontics to ensure it is comprehensive, informative and convenient for you.

The consultation normally takes about 30 to 45 minutes. We start your consultation by asking a series of questions so we get to know you, understand what you want to achieve with your smile and any concerns you may have.

What Happens at Your Initial Orthodontic Consultation

After our discussion, we will take a look at your mouth as part of the comprehensive examination. If you have any X-Rays with you, we will go through them as well, if you don’t, that’s ok, you can take them later, and it is bulk billed via medicare, and we can review them at a later date.

We will take a series of high quality digital photos, as well as taking a 3D digital scan of your teeth.

After this, we will go through the complexity of your case, what it takes to align your smile, and show you all your options, including traditional braces, Invisalign clear aligners, as well as 3D printed braces, which is the latest in braces technology. We will help you decide the best treatment for you based on your situation and lifestyle.

You’ll also have the ultimate convenience of dental monitoring. This is cutting edge technology that we use to help with your orthodontic treatment. It’s a process where you take a video of your teeth every week, and this enables us to keep a close eye on your progress. The main benefit to you is that you will only have to come to an appointment when you require it. And it also helps shorten your treatment time.

What Happens at Your Initial Orthodontic Consultation

At this consultation, we’ll also discuss what happens after your teeth are straightened and the importance of retainers. We’ll be able to answer all the questions you have about your treatment and how to get your teeth straightened.

Here at Allstar Orthodontics, we want nothing but give you the best smile you deserve.

So when you are ready to align your smile, we would love to look after you. You can visit our clinics in Fortitude Valley or Albany Creek.

Simply call us on 07 3666 0096, or complete the form on our website. You can also send us a DM on social media, and we’ll be in touch to help you organise your consultation.