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Using Clear Aligners for Children and Teens

Apr 18, 2024

Hi, I’m Mike Anderson. I’m an orthodontist, and I’m going to talk to you about using clear aligners for children and teens to straighten teeth.

Clear aligners are very useful when there are still baby teeth present and can be used from a very young age, as long as there are some adult teeth present. I’m going to show you some circumstances to show you how well this works for children.

Using Clear Aligners for Children and Teens

This is a situation where there’s some adult teeth present at the front, but the rest of the teeth are baby teeth, and there’s an overbite and some spacing. Clear aligners have been used to straighten the teeth in this situation.

Using Clear Aligners for Children and Teens

In this situation, there were two adult teeth at the front of the mouth and the rest were all baby teeth. Clear aligners were used to correct the very rotated tooth at the front and were able to straighten it very effectively.

As you can see, clear aligners are very effective at straightening teeth for children and particularly useful when there’s baby teeth present.