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Teeth Whitening Pen With Clear Aligners

Apr 18, 2024

I’m Dr. Mike Anderson, and I’m going to show you how you can whiten your teeth while they’re straightening.

One of the ways you can whiten your teeth is with this whitening pen. It’s just got a brush at the end of it. When you squeeze the other end, a bit of gel comes onto the brush and you just paint that on your teeth. I normally just do the front six teeth, but I’ll show you how it’s done.

Your hands a good wash, just squeeze a little bit of gel out onto the brush tip, and then just paint that onto the front six teeth. You can do that on the upper teeth and the lower teeth. Once you’ve done that, you can put your aligners in.

Ideally, you want the gel to stay in your teeth for at least an hour. What I’ll often do is put the gel on just before I go to bed and then it’s on your teeth all night.

If you do that once a day for about a week, you’ll notice quite a significant difference in the whiteness of your teeth, but it’s a great way to whiten your teeth while they’re straightening as well while you’re wearing your clear aligners.