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Invisalign New Features

SmartTrack is a new aligner material that delivers gentle more constant force to improve control of tooth movements with Invisalign clear aligner treatment.

Apr 9, 2024

Invisalign New Features


Smarttrack from invisalign

SmartTrack is a new aligner material that delivers gentle more constant force to improve control of tooth movements with Invisalign clear aligner treatment. Compared with the conventional aligner materials, SmartTrack maintains more constant force over the two weeks that a patient wears the aligners, resulting in better tracking. This means that the teeth are able to move in response to the force applied by the aligners.

The aligners also conform more closely to tooth morphology, to the attachments (resin bumps) and interproximal spaces (spaces between teeth). This improves control of tooth movement throughout treatment. Clinical trials have shown that the material had greater elasticity than the previous aligner material and was easier for patients to insert and remove, even with undercuts and extraction spaces.

G4 smartforce enhancements from invisalign

Building on Invisalign’s G4 clinical features, Invisalign now introduces G4 enhancements for upper lateral incisors and all premolars. Although the G4 optimised root control attachments were originally designed for use on all canines and upper central incisors, they can now be used on upper laterals and all premolars.

The clinical applications for Invisalign’s optimised root control attachments include space closure, mesiodistal uprighting and bodily movement.

What the cost of invisalign covers

Costs are generally discussed in full at the initial consultation. The fee quoted covers all aspects of the orthodontic treatment and the majority of patients pay this fee in installments over the duration of the treatment thus making payment more manageable.

This fee usually covers the entire treatment including the fitting of the Invisalign, periodic adjustments, completion of the treatment, and the retention and observation periods thereafter.

The fee usually does not cover such items as the consultation and some records. Your orthodontist will discuss the fee with you before treatment is commenced.

Invisalign i7

Invisalign® i7 is an orthodontic method of straightening teeth, using a series of 7 clear plastic aligners, replaced at fortnightly intervals.

This treatment is specifically designed for minor tooth correction to address crowding, in cases of orthodontic relapse, or for small aesthetic improvements and short-term treatments. For these reasons, i7 is generally only recommended clinically in quite a small percentage of cases.

In contrast to Invisalign® Full, which can take up to 24-months or more to complete treatment, i7 involves a series of just 7 aligners, over a 14-week period (approximately).

Invisalign 10 commandments

Change the aligners every two weeks provided they are worn full time

Any less than full-time wear will mean

  • treatment time will be extended
  • treatment may not work
  • extra impressions may be needed to get treatment back on track

Keep all the aligners ie don’t throw the old ones away

File the edge of the aligners with an emery board if they feel rough

If the aligners don’t fit contact the orthodontist

Just because an aligner feels loose, do not change them

Most times some tooth coloured resin bumps will need to be added to the teeth to move them

Do not take the number of aligners as being the absolute final number. In about 2/3 cases some fine tuning is required

Change your aligners at regular intervals

Enjoy your treatment, it is the best way to get your new smile