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How to Keep Your Clear Aligners Clean

Apr 18, 2024

Hi, I’m Dr. Mike Anderson, and I’ve got some quick tips for you on keeping your clear aligners clean. One of the great things about clear aligners is that it’s much easier to keep your teeth clean than if you had braces, but you are going to find that you’ll get a little bit of food and plaque on your aligner. After giving your hands a good clean, carefully, take your aligners out. Then with a toothbrush, you’re just going to brush the inside of the aligner. Now, this only takes a few seconds to do. You can also put toothpaste on your brush if you’d like to. After you’ve done that, give it a rinse out, pop it back in, and then you can also go around and clean the outside of your aligner while it’s in your mouth. It just makes it a bit easier. That’s all there is to it. You’ve got a nice cleaner aligner. Just once a day and that’s all you need.