Clear braces

Recent innovations in the technology of clear braces, has led to the development of the Clarity advanced brace. The benefits are that the braces are all ceramic and there are no metal components. The translucent braces blend with the teeth making the braces virtually unnoticeable. They will also resist staining and discolouration over the course of orthodontic treatment.

Importantly, they are very low profile so that when the orthodontist bonds the braces they sit very flat against the teeth. This makes the braces considerably more comfortable and the incidence of ulcers seems to be reduced.  Comfort is also enhanced by the dome shaped design and smooth rounded corners. These smaller sized braces result in less soft tissue contact and patients tend to be less self-conscious.

The braces are manufactured from a fine grained ceramic material using an injection moulded technique. This allows the brace to be smaller while still retaining strength.  They have a unique stress concentrator which allows the braces to be removed by the orthodontist with a gentle squeeze. This allows comfort and ease of removing the braces by the orthodontist when treatment is completed. These ceramic braces can be used by orthodontists for both adults and adolescents. The overwhelming best feature is the near translucent appearance. Orthodontists can obtain the Clarity Advanced braces from the company 3M Unitek.